Artist statement

My entrance to university was a brand new chapter in my life in which I gained an opportunity to work in my beloved field and reach my demands and wishes. Concerns I was involved for years; the notion of “humanity” and all related matters pushing us towards perfection. Depicting my thoughts visually is hard work, especially when a form isn’t completely capable of showing an ethical quality.

My all-time concern is how much human is really evolving if he’s the “Ubermensch” and how much does he crave to make the best out of himself? My works depicts the connection between human and animal aspect of all human that is being expressed differently in each work; although the original content stays the same as “humanity”; Human problems and their relations and responsibility towards each other and their environment. Hope for a better world.

  • Name: Mona Kheirabadi
  • Email:
  • Phone: +98 (0) 935 550 3233
  • Nationality: Iran
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